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flossiemae200In an effort to promote the adoption of healthier animals and to help reduce the number of unwanted litters, Gaston County Police Department Animal Care and Enforcement Division and the listed Gaston County veterinarians have agreed to an ADOPTION/MEDICAL CONTRACT to achieve these goals. For an adoption fee of $90 for canines and $75 for felines, the adopted pet will receive the following services from a participating Gaston County veterinarian:

Routine physical exam
Worm check & deworming
Heartworm check (dogs)
First set of vaccinations only
      Dogs receive (DHLPP): distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvo, & parainfluenza
      Cats receive (FVRCP): feline vaccination, rhinotrachetis, calici, & panleukopena
Rabies vaccination
One year license tag
Mandatory spay or neuter

Animal Care and Enforcement delivers the adopted pet to the Veterinarian Clinic of choice, and the adopter picks their pet up at the veterinarian's office. 

GCACE would love to help you find your perfect four-legged friend.  Please complete the Adoption Questionnaire so we can match your needs with the available pets at the shelter.  We are dedicated to helping you find the right companion.


Introducing ‘Love & Go!’ DISCOUNTED adoptions!
Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement presents Love and Go!  This is a DISCOUNTED ADOPTION program for adoptable pets that are already spayed or neutered.  Adopters will have two options.  They have the choice of paying the standard $90 adoption fee and contract which includes the pet being delivered the following business day to a participating vet for routine physical, worm check and de-worming, heartworm check, first set of vaccinations (DHPPV & Bordetella for dogs / FVRCP for cats), Rabies vaccination, and one year county license; or they can participate in the Love and Go! Program.    Love and Go adoption pets include the first set of vaccinations, a Rabies vaccination, one year county license and leave the shelter with the adopter. 

Pet photos marked with loveandgologogreen75  are eligible for the Love and Go! Adoption Program or come visit our shelter to see our selection of Love and Go pets today!

The “release” dated listed for each animal is the day that the state requirement has been fulfilled, allowing the animal to legally be adopted, pulled by placement partner, or euthanized.  After the release date, the animals are available on a first come - first serve basis.  On the chance that these pets may no longer be available, Animal Care and Enforcement staff encourages anyone interested in adopting a pet to come by the Animal Shelter and view all available adoption pets.  Pets can be adopted during regular operating hours.

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Adoptable Pets
Adoptable Pets

Explanation of Animal Descriptions:

puppygreywhite200Adopt/Placement/Euthanasia Date
This date reflects when the legal holding period is satisfied and an animal can be released from our custody. Stray animals are held for three business days to give the owner a chance to find and reclaim their pet before they can legally be adopted, claimed by a placement partner, or euthanized.  It does not mean this is the date it is euthanized.  All attempts are made to have our shelter pets adopted or placed with one of our partners.  Anyone interested in claiming or adopting an animal should contact Animal Care and Enforcement PRIOR to the animal’s adopt/placement/euthanasia date.

Adoptable Pets
These animals may be adopted and full veterinary services identified in the adoption-medical contract will be provided under the direction of the participating veterinarian.  No direct or implied assurance has been given that these animals are either behaviorally suitable or healthy and a waiver to this effect will have to be signed by the adopter prior to adoption.

Available to Placement Partner
These animals are only available to placement partners due to presenting specific health or temperament concerns, which require specialized expertise.

Owner Contact
This category includes animals where Animal Care and Enforcement has information relating to ownership.  Efforts are being made to satisfy legal requirements to make contact with the owner.  Animals in this category may not be claimed or adopted until all legal requirements to contact an owner are satisfied.

Owner Reclaim
Animals listed under this category can only be reclaimed by their owner due to severe behavioral issues identified by Animal Care and Enforcement staff.

Livestock or other animals not routinely recognized as companion animals currently sheltered by Animal Care and Enforcement. Contact Animal Care and Enforcement for additional information on any of these animals, as different species fall under various legal regulations pertaining to legal holding periods and placement options for these animals. 

Some animals listed on the website will reflect “foster”, as the cage holding area.  Foster indicates the animal is being housed and cared for by a local representative of a 501-c (3) humane/rescue group, outside of the animal shelter.

Some animals listed on the website will reflect “vtech”, as the cage holding area.  Vtech (or Vet Tech) indicates the animal has satisfied the required holding period and is receiving additional medical care and attention through participation in Gaston College’s Veterinarian Technology program.  Under federal guidelines, animals under the care and custody of the Vet Tech Program cannot be considered for claim or adoption until returning to Animal Care and Enforcement authority. 

Once interest in claiming or adopting is confirmed, the pet will be held through regular business hours on its adopt/placement/euthanasia date to allow for the claim or adoption.  Said animal is subject to be euthanized upon failure to claim or adopt the animal as described.

In situations where multiple groups or individuals are interested in adopting a specific animal, the animal will be made available on its adopt/placement/euthanasia date on a “first come, first served” basis in the order holds have been placed.

Gaston County’s Code of Ordinances, Sec. 3-9(e)(2), authorizes the Animal Care and Enforcement Administrator to reduce an animal’s holding period if the animal is “badly wounded, sick or diseased”, for euthanasia purposes.