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Pet License Tag Application

95% of pets  WITH identification get back home; 95% without identification don’t... 
And YES, even cats and “indoor” pets need to have a license...

Pursuant to the Gaston County Animal Control Ordinance, all owners who obtain a rabies vaccination for a dog, cat, or ferret are also required to purchase from the Animal Shelter, within ten (10) days, a license for each dog, cat, or ferret. (Sec 3-7. (a) Individual License Requirement.)

In addition to the appropriate license fee, a $15 late fee may be applied to any license purchased after ten (10) days of the pet receiving its rabies vaccination or if a dog, cat, or ferret subject to the license requirement is determined not to have an individual license tag (Sec 3-7. (d) Late Purchase Fee) 

Owners are required to display the license tag on a collar at all times. (Sec. 3-7. (a) (2) Individual License Requirement)




License Fees
If Spayed or neutered: (Requires proof of spay/neuter.) One Year: $10  Three Year $25
Not spayed or neutered:  Only one year  $35
*With proof of valid 1 or 3-year rabies vaccination.

Ferret: One year $10
*Only 1-year rabies vaccinations recognized for ferrets.

Animals declared dangerous*:  Only one year  $100 
*Animals having previously been declared dangerous or potentially dangerous through Animal Care and Enforcement.  Animals having been declared dangerous or potentially dangerous are not eligible for any license fee exemptions.

 One Year $10   Three Year $25
*Dogs/cats registered to a reputable association (AKC, CKC, etc.) Proof that owners are selling dogs and puppies on a yearly basis.

Show dogs*:  One Year $10   Three Year $25 
*Dogs who are competing on a regular basis at recognized “Dog Shows”.

Medical dogs/cats*:  One Year  $10   Three Year  $25 
*Animals that are trained to medically assist a special needs person, seeing eye, hearing impaired, etc.

Health risk*:  One Year  $10   Three Year $25 
*Statement from a veterinarian that spaying or neutering is a health risk to that animal.

Service dogs*:  No Charge
*Specially trained dogs to assist soldiers, police or some other public organization (police dogs, cadaver dogs, military dogs, etc., must show proof).

Hunting dogs*:   One Year**  $2     Three Year**  $6      Hunting Dog Permit $100***
*Hunting dogs owned by persons with a valid hunting license and valid special licensing permit.
**With proof of valid 1 or 3-year rabies vaccination.
***Valid for 3 years.

Multiple animals*:  One Year  $2**   Three Year  $6**    Multiple Animal Permit $100***
*Owners of 10 or more animals and valid special licensing permit.  Each must be spayed or neutered.
**With proof of valid 1 or 3-year rabies vaccination.
***Valid for 3 years.

Other Fees

Adoptions:  Dogs $90     Cats $75  See our adoption page for more details.

Reclaim Redemption Fee:
1st Time $25
2nd Time $100
3rd Time $200  

Board Per Day: 
Stall with others $10/day
Isolation $20/day
Bite Quarantine $20/day

Not displaying a current county privilege tag &/or rabies tag
1st  Violation     $30
2nd Violation  $100
3rd  Violation  $250

Owner Responsibility Leash Law
1st Violation    $ 25 
2nd Violation  $100
3rd Violation   $250

No Valid Rabies Vaccination for Animal
1st Violation     $ 60
2nd  Violation  $500
3rd  Violation  $1000

Continuing to allow an animal to be a nuisance
1st $100
2nd $250
3rd $500