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Economic Development in Gaston County: Competitive Positioning & Organizational Delivery Assessment

Oversight Committee Charge

The Oversight Committee will ensure that:

  • Unbiased and complete data and information are utilized and reflected in the analysis.
  • Key stakeholders are invited and encouraged to participate in the analysis through candid dialogue with the consultant, completion of the electronic survey, and the provision of data and documents that will inform the analysis.
  • The final report adequately addresses:
  • Identification and definition of the target market(s) with the best potential for successful economic development for the County;
  • Recommendations for a set of basic metrics for measuring progress toward economic development goals, and/or for a route to establishing such metrics;
  • Recommendations for effective utilization of the County’s shared economic development resources, including:
    • The roles and responsibilities of the various organizations and agencies promoting economic development:
    • The staff and governance structure of these organizations and agencies:
    • A collaborative model capitalizing on the strengths of each organization/agency in unified and aligned activities to achieve successful outcomes for the County:
    • A funding and leadership model that adequately supports the structure.

Organizational Stakeholders
Project Milestones
Oversight Committee Summary Notes
September 9, 2019 Agenda