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Coronavirus Procedural Update for Building Service

The Gaston County Building Services Department strives to provide quality services to all citizens in the safest way possible.

At this time we are taking extra precautions prior to entering occupied homes.

Gaston County building and land use inspectors will ask a series of questions before they proceed. If any of the questions they ask are answered with an affirmative response, County staff will postpone your inspection for a period of 21 days. After that time we will return and reevaluate your situation.

If staff is able to enter your property to perform our inspections we ask the following:
  • No hand shaking.
  • You can assist by maintaining a six-foot separation from our employees to minimize risk.
  • You have any paperwork needed for the inspection readily available as to minimize the time of our inspection.
Please rest assured that Building Services will work with all citizens and contractors to assure that no services are delayed during this time.

Gaston County continues to monitoring the situation carefully. As circumstances surrounding the pandemic change, we are evaluating the measures we have put in place and carefully weighing further steps. We are coordinating our response with federal, state, and local officials and following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and other agencies.

Should you have questions our Hotline Number Is 704-862-5303.