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First Responders:  The Tip of the Spear

Gaston County, NC, March 31, 2020 – Gaston County EMS and all of the pre-hospital emergency medical professionals in Gaston County want you to know that we are working extremely hard to make sure we are here and ready for you when you need us, not just today with the unique challenges we are facing with COVID-19, but each and every day.   We continue to ask the public to follow directives and recommendations by staying at home as much as possible to “flatten the curve” of people infected.

EMS and other First Responders are vital in providing emergency medical care and transportation for ill and injured people.  Working in the hectic and fast-moving pre-hospital environment presents unique challenges that other medical providers often do not have to face.

During the pandemic that our nation is currently facing, EMS and other First Responders are at the tip of the spear in initially assessing, treating and transporting these patients, all while handling the typical everyday volume of calls for service.  With the evolving nature of this virus and efforts to combat it, we face and overcome daily challenges such as modifying our response plans, modifying our treatment protocols, and ensuring staff are optimally trained and equipped.  All staff have proper personal protective equipment, both for their protection and the protection of each of the people we treat or meet.   We are screening all personnel when they arrive at work at every shift to protect our workforce as well as our patients. If any staff become ill, which they have not, we will stay home to protect you the public, and for our co-workers . . . we ask that you stay home for us, too.  

We acknowledge the sacrifices that the men and women of Gaston County EMS and each of our partner public safety and first responder agencies make each and every day.  We are here for you.  EMS . . . it’s not just a job . . . It’s a calling.