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Gaston County Plans for Use of $3.9 Million in COVID-19 Relief

GASTONIA, N.C. – Gaston County leaders today are expressing their gratitude for the work of the General Assembly to provide pass-through federal funding to counties for COVID-19 reimbursement.

In Gaston County, that amount totals $3.9 million.

“We’re grateful to our team of legislators for fighting hard for the people of Gaston County,” said County Manager Dr. Kim Eagle. “The burdens of the crisis have been felt in many ways, and the financial burden has been felt most acutely here at home by those providing direct services to our citizens.”

County staff has already begun the outreach process to the County’s 15 municipalities to learn what their needs are for COVID-19 reimbursement. The County is first applying for other reimbursement for COVID-19 through FEMA, so as to leave no stone unturned in securing federal dollars to support the significant expenses incurred in Gaston County in battling this crisis.

The County has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of critical purchases, including on personal protective equipment for first responders and employees interacting with the public, additional levels of sanitization and health checks at the County Jail and in the purchase of hands-free temperature scanners for multiple county buildings.

In addition, it has funded its CARE Plan with $1 million that goes directly to help residents affected by COVID-19 with essentials such as food, housing and childcare.

Many of the expenses the $3.9 million can be used to reimburse will be for purchases still to come as the County continues its efforts to keep its employees and the public safe. Examples of this would be for additional sanitization for public playgrounds at county parks once they reopen and Plexiglas barriers at public service counters in County facilities to help curb the spread of the virus.