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Commissioner Tom Keigher to Chair Workgroup on Confederate  Statute

GASTONIA, N.C. – At the request of Gaston County Board of Commissioners Chairman Tracy Philbeck, County Commissioner Tom Keigher will form a Council of Understanding to discuss the future of the Confederate monument that sits today in front of the Gaston County Courthouse.

Keigher, the longest-serving member of the Board of Commissioners, is set to assemble a panel of 12 individuals. Keigher said he is seeking six individuals from each side of the debate who are willing to sit down and discuss the issue in good faith.

Each County Commissioner will appoint one individual to the council. Commissioner Keigher and Chairman Philbeck will work to select the remaining six individuals. The goal is to assemble the council in short order and begin the work of meeting together and ultimately creating a recommendation to deliver to the Board of Commissioners.

“It’s my hope that through research, study, then debate, a vote will be taken and we’ll submit that decision to the board,” Keigher said.

Those who wish to be considered for the position should contact Commissioner Keigher at and include their name, contact information, their stated position on the monument and availability to meet for several midday meetings at the County’s Administration Building, 128 W. Main Ave., in Gastonia.