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Hope United Survivor Network Launches New Website in Concert with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

GASTON COUNTY, NC-- Hope United Survivor Network launched a brand-new website to provide an all-in-one digital home for survivor support and community prevention education in Gaston County.

You can visit the new website at

Hope United Survivor Network was created in spring 2020 to create a single point of entry for residents of Gaston County who need resources to address domestic
violence, sexual assault, child abuse, human trafficking and elder abuse. Gaston County now houses all survivor services under one department, Hope United Survivor Network. Under this umbrella, programs include: The Lighthouse Children’s Advocacy Center, Hope United’s Family Justice Center, and The Cathy
Mabry Cloninger Center: a domestic violence shelter.

The survivors’ network hopes this new site serves as a hub for survivors and their support networks to get help and information.

“This new site gives us the opportunity to create a single place where residents of Gaston County know they can visit to access preventative education or to contact us directly to receive support from our staff,” Tara Joyner, Director of Hope United Survivor Network, said.

The site includes several features to assist residents in vulnerable situations.  Notably, if a person is concerned about whether they are in an abusive or
potentially violent situation, the website offers information, self-assessments, and a “quick-escape” that redirects the browser to Google if they need to quickly redirect away from the site.

“Our goal with the site was to create a truly safe place for survivors to receive help and not feel stress about looking up domestic violence resources,” Joyner said.
“Building the quick escape function that followed the user everywhere was important to us in meeting those goals. We want people who are in dangerous
situations to know they can safely access help.”

Similarly, the website provides a single home for residents who are looking to support violence prevention work through time or monetary donations. On the
website’s “Give Hope” page, supporters can find ways to directly support the programs run by Hope United.

“Before this site, donors or volunteers had to search three different websites to figure out ways to give their support. Today, they can visit a single page and see
multiple opportunities to make an impact in the lives of survivors,” Joyner said.

Hope United Survivor Network is a community collaborative working in one location to provide survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, child abuse, and elder abuse a safe and secure place to get the help they deserve.